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Art and Travel with a young Italian artist

Raniero Stefanelli is currently working in Christchurch in the hospitality industry. He has worked as a chef in many countries around the world so he is a man of many talents, but his real passion is oil painting. Trained by Andrea Esposito, who studied Renaissance and Baroque Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Raniero showed early promise as a very gifted student and soon progressed to teaching others. He is now looking for an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with budding artists in New Zealand. If you are interested in taking art lessons with this talented young painter from Rimini, please contact Raniero at or visit his Instagram page .


The variety of landscapes in Aotearoa is extraordinary and when you are tired of painting, there are bungy jumps, jet boat rides down rocky canyons and countless other high-adrenaline activities for thrill seekers. Whether you are a backpacker or are looking for a luxurious excursion, Connectitalia-NZ can organise the perfect adventure for you with Raniero as your primary escort.

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For young adults in Italy who are looking for a trip down under with a focus on art, this could be a wonderful opportunity for you. New Zealand has a well-earned reputation as a destination of choice for artists because of the quality of its light. Raniero would be the perfect companion to escort you around the land of the Lord of the Rings with its many stunning locations for painting in the North and South Islands.


For students of art of any age, we can arrange the ideal art-centred vacation in Italy anywhere from the majestic lakes and mountains of Lombardia, to the sun-drenched beaches of Sicily. Please contact us and we will be delighted to find you a superb holiday destination.

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