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The Treasures of Iran with Mohammad or Mina


The Treasures of Iran - 12 days (11 nights)

NZ$7,178pp (single supplement may apply)

This price may change if fewer than 10 people register for the tour or if there are significant changes to currency exchange rates. The final price will be settled prior to confirmation of the tour and before any payment is requested.

On this tour, you will:


  • Walk in the footsteps of Darius, Xerxes and Alexander the Great at Persepolis


  • Travel in comfort with your Iranian escort, a local guide and our own local driver


  • Enjoy luxury accommodation in fabulous locations


  • Stroll around ancient bazaars selling rugs, spices, antique copper artefacts and local jewellery


  • Marvel at exquisite architecture including towering Minarets, ancient wind towers, palaces and pavilions


  • Visit the Zoroastrian holy site Meybod Chak Chak high on a mountain overlooking the desert


  • See some of the most magnificently decorated Mosques


  • Visit world renowned gardens, squares and other UNESCO World Heritage sites


  • Visit a caravanserai along an ancient trade route


  • NOT have a dull moment and MOST IMPORTANTLY have fun! -😊😊

Tour Outline:

Start date: 11 April 2020

End date:  22 April 2020                    


Our tour starts immediately we arrive at Tehran International Airport regardless of whether we are arriving separately or in a group. We will be collected at the airport and transferred to our luxurious hotel in the city. 


The rest of the day will be ours to rest or do some independent sightseeing. Our Iranian escort will be happy to suggest some options for us.

Some of us might like to visit the National Museum of Iran, comprising the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic Era. We can also dine at Milad tower's restaurant and see Tehran from 315 m high.


Our driver will collect us from the hotel and take us to the Golestan Palace. This World Heritage site is one of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran, consisting of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian and European treasures from the 18th and 19th centuries. This will be followed by a visit to the Jewellery Museum where the famous all-diamond Naderi throne and the Iranian Crown Jewels are on display. We will spend the night again in Tehran.



We will depart Tehran with our driver for the ancient city of Kashan. In Kashan we will visit Borujerdi House with its ancient wind towers, the exquisite 16th Century Sultan MirAhmad Bathhouse  and the world-famous Fin-Garden of Shah Abbas, one of the nine Persian gardens registered on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Sultan MirAhmad Bathhouse  .jpg
Fin-Garden .jpg

By some accounts, Kashan was the origin of the three wise men who followed the star that guided them to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus. Whether this is true or not, the attribution of Kashan as their original home is evidence of the city's prestige at the time the story was recorded. We will stay here overnight.


Our driver will collect us for our drive to Isfahan. On the way we will see some fascinating places such as the ancient Abyaneh Village also known as the Red Village because of its distinctive red houses and soil, where age old traditions persist. We will also visit the exquisitely decorated Natanz Jamia Mosque.   Our hotel in Isfahan will be our home for tonight and the next two nights.

Abanneh Village .jpg


On our first day in Isfahan we will be taken to see some of the finest architectural treasures from the time of Shah Abbas. The Aali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are located together in one majestic complex. The grandeur of the Palace is inspiring and the Imam Mosque’s seven-coloured mosaic tiles and calligraphic inscription are breath-taking. The Sheik Lotfollah Mosque is one of the best-known architectural treasures in Iran and it is quite simply stunning.

Aali Qapu Palace.jpg

We will return to our hotel at night knowing that we have seen some of the finest Islamic buildings in the world.


Today we will be driven to Chehel Sotoun, a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, built by Shah Abbas II for entertainment and receptions. The 20 slender, ribbed wooden pillars of the building rise to a superb wooden ceiling with crossbeams and exquisite inlay work.


We will visit Naqshe Jahan Square, possibly the most famous attraction in Isfahan.

Chehel Sotoun.jpg
Khajou Bridge.jpg

This UNESCO World Heritage site is in fact one of the most famous squares in the world with formal fountains and exquisite gardens in its centre.

Another important structure we will see is Khajou Bridge, a fully functioning bridge and weir which also functions as a building and a place for public meetings. This majestic long structure is decorated with paintings and tile-works.


Jamia Mosque Yazd.jpg

Today our driver will take us eastward to the historic city of Yazd, close to the Spice and Silk Roads. It was described by Marco Polo as “the noble city of Yazd” and has been home to Zoroastrians over the ages.

We will stay here for two nights. While we are in this ancient city, we will visit the grand Jamia Mosque with its famous turquoise tiled portal and two lofty minarets, the Amir Chakhmaq complex and Water Museum.

Day 8 YAZD

Today we will be taken from Yazd to see the mud brick fort Narin Castle, which was built over 2000 years ago. We will also visit the Zoroastrian holy site ancient Meybod Chak Chak, in a small village high up on a 

Meybod Chak Chak_Interior.jpg
Meybod Chak Chak.jpg

mountain as well as the ancient ice-house Meybod Yakhchal. This was an ancient type of evaporative cooler built in the 1st Century BCE to create ice in the winter and store it in the summer in the desert. Not far away, we will see the famous roadside inn Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. Caravanserais supported the flow of commerce, information and people along trade routes such as the Silk Road through Asia, North Africa and south-eastern Europe.



We make our way today to the Tomb of Cyrus, Pasargad. Pasargad was the dynastic capital of the vast Achamenid Empire which extended from the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to the Hindus River in India and it remains an outstanding archaeological site. From Pasargad we travel to what for many on the tour will be a real highlight – Persepolis. The very name of this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site conjures up the names of the great kings Darius and Xerxes and of course of Alexander the Great. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achae- menid Empire dating back to 515BCE. Its buildings included military quarters, the treasury and reception halls for the King. History is all around us here.



Today we will see the huge museum Arg e Karimkhan which resembles a medieval fortress and Vakil Mosque, a stunning example of Islamic architecture. We will also stroll through one of the most famous and traditional bazaars of Iran, the Vakil Bazaar with its beautiful courtyards, bath houses and old shops.


Our driver will collect us this morning for our visit to the glorious Pink Mosque Nasir al Mulk where light and worship intertwine. From sunrise, colours dance like whirling dervishes reflecting on the ground, walls, the arches and the towering spires in a spectacular display.

Nasir al Mulk2. .jpg

Another stop will be the famous Eram Garden, another UNESCO World Heritage site and named after one of the four gardens of Paradise described in the Koran. Shiraz is one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia and is known in Iran today as the city of poets, literature and gardens.

Nasir al Mulk1. .jpg

Unfortunately, tonight will be our last night in this wonderful 6000-year-old city.

Day 12 DEPART SHIRAZ                   THE END OF OUR TOUR

Our driver will take us to Shiraz airport for our flight connections.

Tour inclusions



  • All accommodation costs sharing a double or twin room including breakfasts. Note - a single supplement may apply for single travellers wanting their own room. We will discuss this with you prior to confirmation. All accommodation will be of a very high standard


  • All tour travel costs including de-luxe coach or minibus transport and associated charges such as fuel, tolls, taxes, with local drivers


  • Daily sightseeing


  • Airport transfers


  • One group dinner


  • Local guides as needed

Tour exclusions



  • Meals and beverages other than those in- cluded



  • Room service meals and mini bar refreshments


  • Telephone/internet charges


  • Gratuities


  • Individual sightseeing not undertaken as part of the tour


  • Expenses incurred on sightseeing trips other than transport costs and entrances






VIP Tour of IRAN

Booking essential!

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