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Our company’s mission is to promote greater liaison between Italy and New Zealand, reflecting the different but complementary backgrounds of the company’s two directors, Beniamino Petrosino and Anne Scragg. Our principal focus is planning and escorting exclusive small group tours in Italy offering a cultural experience with a difference. This tour, however, is something different! The Treasures of Iran Tour is designed for travellers who have never visited Iran and for travellers who have previously been to Iran and want to go again! Visitors to Iran comment on the friendliness and hospitality of the local people, the magnificence of the places they have seen and the unforgettable experience they have had there. Connectitalia-NZ has asked Mohammad Ramezanian, a native Iranian, to escort small groups for us on an amazing journey through his homeland. With Mohammad and a local guide as our escort and a local driver, we will travel in air-conditioned comfort in our own transport, stay in first class accommodation and enjoy an itinerary that allows us to see and enjoy Iran’s best-known treasures. This special Connectitalia-NZ tour offers travellers the opportunity of a lifetime.


Mohammad Ramezanian


“I am very excited about the opportunity to escort tours to Iran for Connectitalia-NZ Ltd. I am passionate about better understanding of cultures all around the world and introducing my country to people from other countries. Travel to a country like Iran is all about interesting adventures.

We will stay in first class accommodation and travel in style from Tehran to Shiraz visiting spectacular archaeological sites and seeing some stunning Islamic art and architecture. We will stroll through world-renowned gardens and exotic bazaars and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Iran’s people. I do hope you will join me for the experience of a lifetime.”

Dr. Mohammad Ramezanian is a lecturer in environmental engineering at Ara Institute in Christchurch-NZ, where he has lived with his family for the last three years. Mohammad was born and grew up in Iran and obtained his first engineering degree at the University of Tehran. He moved to Australia in 2010, where he obtained his doctoral qualification and taught at the University of Wollongong before settling in New Zealand. Connectitalia-NZ Ltd is delighted Mohammad has agreed to escort our tours to Iran to enjoy the treasures of ancient and modern Persia.

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