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Bruce Harding


Bruce Harding has spent his life immersed in English literature. With a Ph.D. from the University of Otago, Bruce taught English literature for most of his career at Christchurch Boys’ High School preparing senior students for the Cambridge International exams. He has also held posts at the University of Canterbury in the Macmillan Brown Centre and in the English Department.

For many years, Bruce was the honorary curator of the Dame Ngaio Marsh House Museum in Christchurch, and he continues to lead groups from around the world through Dame Ngaio’s home. Bruce was personally acquainted with one of New Zealand’s favourite authors, and visitors confirm the famous writer really comes to life during his tours. Bruce is the author of numerous

articles and chapters in books onvarious aspects of English literature. He is also the author of a book on the writings of Dame Ngaio Marsh and is currently working on a biography of Booker prize-winning author Keri Hulme. Bruce is looking forward to sharing his extensive knowledge and love of English literature with the tour group at the fascinating locations where many of England’s finest writers lived and worked.

Richard Scragg

Richard Scragg is a former Dean and Head of Law at the University of Canterbury. He has also been an Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Auckland. Richard is a Londoner with a life-long interest in English literature. Over the years he has spent many hours and much shoe leather exploring literary London and he has visited many of the homes of literary figures throughout England. A published author himself in the field of law, Richard has taught writing as a skill at the University of Canterbury. Richard looks forward to creating the opportunity for members of the tour party to experience the excitement he himself has felt in visiting the homes and haunts of leading English writers.


Join us on our literary pursuit !


Our company’s mission is to promote greater liaison between Italy and New Zealand, reflecting the different but complementary backgrounds of the company’s two directors, Beniamino Petrosino and Anne Scragg. Our principal focus is planning and escorting exclusive small group tours in Italy offering a cultural experience with a difference. Our tours are most definitely not of the whistle-stop” Today is Tuesday so it must be Belgium” kind. We pride ourselves in providing you with the time and comfort to really enjoy what you are seeing and doing and you will never feel rushed. Our tours are all land based so you are most welcome to join us from anywhere in the world. Whether you are travelling on your own or with others, you can expect individual care and attention from two escorts who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have an unforgettable time. We also encourage travellers wanting to visit New Zealand from overseas to contact us so we can provide you with a New Zealand tour package tailored to meet your particular needs and interests. We use accredited tour operators to ensure our tours are trouble free and we insist on the highest standards of customer service in all situations throughout our tours. Your comfort and security are of paramount importance to us. Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or New Zealand or any anywhere else with us, it will be our pleasure to look after you. We are confident you will enjoy a unique cultural experience and a lot of fun along the way.

VACANZE ITALIANE – Come with us!

Beniamino Petrosino


I grew up and it would give me great pleasure to introduce you to this magical land and its people.  In late 2015 I met Anne Scragg when she became one of my Italian language students.

I am the founder of CONNECTITALIA-NZ. I came from Italy to live in New Zealand in the 1980’s and have worked as a chef, restaurateur and consultant in the hospitality industry in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and the United States of America. I have taught Italian in schools and privately and also English to refugees. In 2003, Hazard Press published my novel “The Passage of the Frog 

and the Wild Strawberries of 1942” set in the Mezzogiorno regions of Italy where 

In 2016 we ran a successful cultural programme in Christchurch showcasing many special Italian foods and wines and introducing our guests to delightful Italian locations off the beaten track. In 2021 and 2022, because of the Covid-19 pandemic we were sadly unable to visit Italy so we organized local tours in our home region of Canterbury New Zealand. In 2024 we plan to travel to the United Kingdom for a very special literary adventure

Anne Scragg


I initially trained as a lawyer and worked in private practice for some years. I had a few years off work while my family was young and then returned to work as an adjudicator and mediator. Over time I became involved in designing and establishing specialist dispute resolution schemes in the public and private  sectors. In 2015, I retired from a senior management role with the intention of doing something entirely different. One day my husband came in from the letterbox with one of Beniamino’s business cards and I thought Italian language lessons might be just what I needed! I have been to Italy several times and have loved every visit. I am confident I know what non- Italians need and want when travelling and I want to share my passion for Italy with others.

I also want to show our guests from other countries the treasures that my homeland, New Zealand, has to offer. Wherever we travel, we guarantee our clients will enjoy a unique and memorable experience with us.

Exclusive Tours of Italy

“Over the last few years we have got together to bring people a genuine glimpse into Italian culture and customs. Now our intent is to take you there foran experience unlike any other.”

A Literary Pursuit with Bruce and Richard
promises to be an extraordinary journey!

Come with us ...

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