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Italy’s Best Kept Secret

To end my long visit in Italy, I have decided to spend some time in Lake Como, a treasure trove of spectacular landscapes where centuries of Italian history come to life.

Tucked away in the foothills of the northern Italian Alps lies a small sliver of paradise called Lake Como. With plunging mountain sides, candycoloured hilltop villages, glorious sunshine, and a sparkling waterfront, there is no doubt this area is an Italian dream, not to mention one of the country’s best kept secrets. When it comes to Lake Como, there is no better way to discover its breathtaking beauty than by boat.

As you ride along the gentle waves taking in the snow-crowned peaks in the distance, as well as the lush, unspoiled landscapes within reach, it will not take long before inspiration starts rushing in.

Once you have found yourself on the water, you will immediately notice that Lake Como is not only comprised of mesmerizing natural beauty. It is also home to an abundance of stunning picturesque villages. From its legendary villas to its historic landmarks and ancient ruins, you will quickly realize that Lake Como oozes with magnificent architecture. For instance, if you want to take a step back in time, make sure to check out the architectural masterpiece known as the Duomo di Como.

Whether or not you are an architectural fanatic, this cathedral will leave you intrigued. While the captivating carved out exterior is awe-inspiring in itself, it is not until you enter inside that you will realize why this church is so often described as Italy’s finest example of the 14th century transition from the Gothic to Renaissance style.

Lake Como is more than just another dot on the map. It is an idyllic retreat. No, scratch that: it is a rejuvenating experience, and one you will forever savour.

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