Food, Glorious Food

The food in Italy this year was as good as ever. A simple plate of pasta topped with exactly the right local cheese was transformed into a luscious culinary delight reflecting the exacting traditions of the region we were visiting.

We tried some new dishes not for the faint-hearted – octopus was one of these and the vegetarians amongst us raved about the range and appearance of beautifully presented dishes available to them.

Special mention must be made of the exquisite multi-course dinner served to us in our box as we watched the opera La Traviata at the beautiful Teatro Salone Margherita situated close to the Spanish Steps. Having dinner there while enjoying Verdi’s magnificent opera was a highlight of our time in Rome and a tribute to Beniamino’s ability to secure the perfect entertainment for us at short notice.

Another highlight for us was visiting the world famous seafood restaurant Zi Teresa situated on the Bay of Naples and overlooking the Castel dell’Ovo.

This restaurant was started by a young Neapolitan woman, Teresa, in the late 19th Century. Her fame as an exceptional cook quickly grew and eventually the restaurant was reviewed in the New York Times. Anyone who is anyone has eaten there, including Churchill, Toscanini, Greta Garbo and Sophia Loren and now of course our Connectitalia-NZ group! The taste and presentation of our food was outstanding and we could not have asked for a better setting under a canopy with the gentle waters o