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A white diamond, anyone?

by Anne

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hunt for the elusive white truffle? If you come with us on our fabulous Dopo la Vendemmia (After the Grape Harvest) tour later this year, you will find out.

Most of us will have seen and maybe tasted black truffle but I suspect few of us will have sampled the white diamond of Alba. Shavings of this highly prized condiment attract huge prices in the smartest restaurants around the world. I have tried it once in a very swish restaurant atop a skyscraper in Hong Kong, when a multi-millionaire acquaintance of my husband’s invited us to dinner. A chef, immaculately dressed in white from top to toe, emerged from the kitchen bearing a silver salver with the sort of utensils I do not have in my kitchen and with a theatrical flourish proceeded to grate a small white object that looked like… well I won’t say what it looked like. Shavings of this object fell like fine sawdust over the plate in front of me containing scrambled egg. Yes it was scrambled egg, which is apparently the perfect accompaniment to white truffle. Then the chef gave a small bow (to the truffle, not the diners) and returned to the kitchen. The taste was intense and utterly divine. My scrambled eggs have never been the same since.

So, this year, it is my mission to see where the famous white truffle of Alba grows. My dream would be to find one to put in my carry-on bag for the return home. However, I suspect the bio-security staff at my home airport would take great delight in confiscating it so I shall have to content myself with sampling the white diamond in its natural habitat. I hope you will join me!


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